Mold Remediation - What you need to know

Mold Remediation - What you need to know Image

As any allergy sufferer knows, removing mold in the home can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, but it’s also necessary to avoid triggering allergies and asthma attacks. Here are the steps you should take when dealing with mold remediation in your home, along with some tips on how to keep your home free of mold moving forward.

Mold Removal

While some mold is perfectly harmless, other types of mold can cause health problems and damage your home. If you suspect that there is a mold problem in your home, contact a professional. Mold remediation specialists are certified by their state government to detect and remove unwanted molds from homes and offices. Many times people try removing it themselves, which can be dangerous since molds release spores when disturbed. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to take precautions before attempting any DIY project involving mold remediation.

Indoor Air Quality

Many people don’t realize that indoor air quality can impact your asthma symptoms. Poor indoor air quality can make you more likely to get sick, and if you’re already struggling with asthma, it could exacerbate your symptoms. Keep reading for tips on improving indoor air quality in your home and protecting yourself from poor indoor air quality.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Both dehumidifiers and humidifiers can make homes more comfortable, but they can also lead to respiratory issues if they’re not properly maintained. In order to ensure that you and your family are breathing healthy air, it’s important that these systems be cleaned regularly by a professional mold removal company. If moisture or mold has been present in your home for an extended period of time, chances are good that spores will have settled into walls and other areas where it’s difficult for homeowners to reach.

Black Mold Removal

How to Remove Mold From Your Home If You’re allergic or just plain grossed out by mold, removing it from your home should be a top priority. Many homeowners don’t understand how destructive black mold can be until they have an actual mold problem in their homes. The first step in preventing any long-term health issues related to black mold is through careful cleanup and remediation of all exposed areas.

Air Purification Devices

There are many air purification devices on today’s market. When purchasing, it is important to make sure that it is certified by one of three organizations: GreenShield, SGS, or ULPA. Also, be sure that it has a HEPA filter in order to remove mold spores from your home and prevent asthma attacks.

HEPA Air Filters

The EPA recommends HEPA air filters as an inexpensive and effective way to remove mold from your home’s air supply. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and these types of filters will attract mold spores in addition to other allergens such as dust and pollen. Plus, they are efficient at removing other particles that could be dangerous or bothersome. Make sure that any filter you purchase is rated for at least 99% removal of particles.

Pet Safety

Mold can be toxic for pets, especially cats. One of its byproducts is a substance called trichothecene mycotoxin that may cause damage to animals. According to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, mold will not affect animals if they only spend time near it; they must ingest it as well. The symptoms of trichothecene mycotoxin ingestion include vomiting, diarrhea and breathing problems; it can even lead to death.

Washing Your Car Indoors

One of your friends may have told you that washing your car inside is a great way to save time, but there are actually many reasons why doing so may cause more harm than good. Mold remediation isn’t cheap. It’s a bad idea for all those reasons and more.

Clothing Storage

The clothes we wear have a lot of mold and mildew build-up from being in storage for long periods of time. If you’re not careful, your clothes can get so full of mold that it can lead to lung infections and breathing issues for people who are particularly sensitive. If these clothing items are going to be stored for extended periods of time or if they don’t smell fresh and clean, you may want to consider getting them inspected by a professional before bringing them back into your house.


Mold can wreak havoc on our homes, which is why it’s important that homeowners understand how mold removal works and what exactly is involved in a mold remediation job. Mold remediation is an important service for homeowners. By calling in professional mold remediators, households have peace of mind that their problem will be taken care of quickly and thoroughly. Contact 716 clean up and restoration today! 716.799.7169

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